Waste Water Treatment Products to Treat Industrial Waste

In this era of globalization, the environment and clean water are the main things that need attention and require special treatment. However, most of the water waste in Indonesia is not treated well enough so it pollutes environment. This can impact millions of deaths of human life and other living things. This problem still occurs a lot in the industrial world.

As a step in caring for the environment, every industry should have the correct water waste treatment. PT Apollo Agung Chemical Industry try to help solving this problem with their products to manage industrial waste which has the function of binding the waste precipitates and clearing up the waste water.

PT Apollo Agung Chemical Industry step towards contributing to sustainability and protecting the environment is through their below waste water products:

  1. Apoclean WDA: functions as a coagulant that can clear colored waste water
  2. Apoclean APF: is an anionic polymer that functions to bind waste precipitates
  3. Apoclean CFA 08: is a cationic polymer that also functions to bind waste precipitates

These products have the advantages of fast precipitation and produce a clearer waste water. Learn more about these products at:

Let's care more about our environment through these Waste Water Treatment products from PT Apollo Agung Chemical Industry. Contact PT Apollo Agung Chemical Industry at .

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