PT Megasetia Amora Karsa, a distributor representing Boston Scientific, made a impact at The 15th Liver Update and The Annual Scientific Meeting of Ina ASL/PPHI 2023. This event, known as the event to know more about the process of assimilating and acquiring the essential practical knowledge necessary for application enables us to remain receptive to new advancements in the field of Hepatopancreatobiliary medicine and surgery.

Megasetia Amora Karsa as a distributor from Boston Scientific participated in the exhibition, introducing endoscope products to visitors. Their presence not only highlighted the latest advancements in endoscope technology but also facilitated discussions and collaborations among attendees. With their expertise and comprehensive understanding of Boston Scientific's product portfolio, Megasetia Amora Karsa is actively involved with visitors at the event.

Megasetia Amora Karsa and Boston Scientific's presence at The 15th Liver Update and The Annual Scientific Meeting of Ina ASL/PPHI 2023 went beyond product showcasing. Their actively networked with medical professionals, researchers, and industry experts, fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange. Through discussions and interactions, Megasetia Amora Karsa facilitated the sharing of insights, best practices, and contributing to advancements in the field. 

Abhati Group has held its highly anticipated annual event, the Abhati Top Leader. The event was attended by the directors of the Abhati Group's business unit and aimed to organize a talk show with the theme "Agile Innovation: A Better Tomorrow in Sight."  Presented by 4 speakers (Indria Sidarta (CEO Abhati Group), Alexander Sugiarto (Corporate IT Division Head Abhati Group), Theo Lekatompessy (Commissioner PT Megasetia Agung Kimia), Ir. Wellybrordus TN. (Director PWS Indonesia)), they provide deep insight into the importance of agile innovation in creating a better future.

Abhati Top Leader places leadership as a key aspect in achieving successful and sustainable innovation. Participants were invited to understand the importance of strong leadership in dealing with rapid changes in this digital era. Strong leadership is needed for companies to adapt quickly, lead with a long-term vision, and encourage effective team collaboration.

One of the main focuses of this talk show is the concept of agile innovation. This concept refers to a company's ability to adapt quickly to market and technological changes. In this talk show, the speakers shared insights on agile innovation strategies, such as the use of agile processes, design thinking, and cross-functional collaboration. The participants were invited to understand the importance of embracing change and increasing innovation capabilities in organizations.

Abhati Top Leader also provides valuable opportunities for participants to interact and collaborate with their counterparts in the industry. Through networking sessions and discussion forums, participants can exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge. This is a valuable moment to build a strong network and forge fruitful collaborations for the future.

Abhati Top Leader is an event that demonstrates Abhati's commitment to creating strong leadership and agile innovation. With the theme "Agile Innovation: A Better Tomorrow in Sight," the participants were presented with inspiring insights on the importance of strong leadership, agile innovation development, and long-term vision in creating a better future. This event is a valuable opportunity for leaders and professionals to broaden their horizons and forge strong relationships with fellow industry stakeholders.

After facing the pandemic, Gala Laksana Kreasi finally held a food seminar again. This food seminar was held on Wednesday, March 8th, 2023, entitled “Functional and Healthy Benefits in Baking and Snacks Products”. Consisting of 4 speakers who are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of food and beverages, provided enthusiasm for the participants from various food and beverage companies in Indonesia.

On this occasion, the president director of PT Gala Natura Kreasi, Mr. Han Jeffry Andrean, also participated as one of the speakers and introduced their products: enzyme-modified dairy. In addition, there were also various other speakers, including DR Rita Hutabarat (food consultant), Haidhar Abdul Halim (Technical Sales Representative, JRS), and Kyle Cheok (R&D Technical Officer).

On this occasion, DR Rita Hutabarat explained more about Enzyme Modified Cheese, as well as Gala Natura Kreasi introducing their products: CEZMO, BUERMO, and DFB to the participants. They were very enthusiastic about hearing and learning about Gala Natura Kreasi products, especially CEZMO. They want to try to apply it to food and beverages in their products.

This activity also helps companies know the various needs and benefits of products in baking and snacks. The presence of this seminar is also a new step for PT Gala Laksana Kreasi in facing the new era after the pandemic.

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