A celebration of colors and modernity unfolded as Hotel Harper Purwakarta marked its 8th anniversary with the theme "Getting Better, Getting Famous" last September 15, 2023. This momentous occasion was not just a milestone; it was a testament to the hotel's enduring commitment to providing exceptional experiences for its loyal guests for 8 years.

Since its inception, Hotel Harper Purwakarta has been a haven for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Over the years, it has earned the trust and loyalty of its patrons, making it a preferred destination for leisure and vacations.

The anniversary celebration was a grand affair, attended by the entire staff, management, and the esteemed directors of Hotel Harper Purwakarta. What made this celebration truly exceptional was the emergence of hidden talents among the hotel's dedicated team. Performers were born as staff and management stepped out of their daily roles as hoteliers to showcase their artistic side.

As the hotel entered its 8th year, it did so with a colorful, modern flair, reflecting the evolving tastes of its guests. The commitment to providing the best experiences remains unwavering, and each year brings new opportunities for growth and improvement.

In a world where hospitality is an art, Hotel Harper Purwakarta  continues to paint a picture of excellence. The 8th-anniversary celebration was not just a reflection of the past; it was a glimpse into the bright and vibrant future that lies ahead.

Here's to eight years of excellence, and to many more to come! Congratulations, Hotel Harper Purwakarta!

A comfortable home is more than just a place to live, it can also be a place of comfort and safety. Imagine coming home to a space that embraces you with warmth and serenity, where every detail is carefully designed to enhance your well-being.

In the pursuit of comfort, certain factors make a home truly extraordinary. Starting from design, access, and facilities, to price affect the comfort factor and the selection of your dream home.

Verona Hills is here to provide all your needs in owning a dream home and hearing your wishes. Adding a new cluster, Sevilla, which can provide comfortable and safe housing for families in Cirebon. Sevilla has a minimalist design and modern style, giving the house a comfortable and beautiful design and layout. Not only that, the facilities are complete in the residential area starting from the clubhouse, playground, and Mosque, to other complete facilities that can complement your every activity around the house.

Access from this housing is very strategic and the best, it is in front of the Ciperna toll gate and has extraordinary views, because it is under Mount Ciremai. This location is flood free and safe for families. The Sevilla cluster consists of three types of units: type 38/ 78, type 43/78, and type 56/91, starting at 378 million rupiahs plus a discount of up to 100 million rupiahs*, and a down payment of only 3 million rupiahs, already can occupy this dream house in Sevilla.

Get more complete information and offers at https://www.instagram.com/veronahills.official/

PT Megasetia Amora Karsa, a distributor representing Boston Scientific, made a impact at The 15th Liver Update and The Annual Scientific Meeting of Ina ASL/PPHI 2023. This event, known as the event to know more about the process of assimilating and acquiring the essential practical knowledge necessary for application enables us to remain receptive to new advancements in the field of Hepatopancreatobiliary medicine and surgery.

Megasetia Amora Karsa as a distributor from Boston Scientific participated in the exhibition, introducing endoscope products to visitors. Their presence not only highlighted the latest advancements in endoscope technology but also facilitated discussions and collaborations among attendees. With their expertise and comprehensive understanding of Boston Scientific's product portfolio, Megasetia Amora Karsa is actively involved with visitors at the event.

Megasetia Amora Karsa and Boston Scientific's presence at The 15th Liver Update and The Annual Scientific Meeting of Ina ASL/PPHI 2023 went beyond product showcasing. Their actively networked with medical professionals, researchers, and industry experts, fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange. Through discussions and interactions, Megasetia Amora Karsa facilitated the sharing of insights, best practices, and contributing to advancements in the field. 

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