After facing the pandemic, Gala Laksana Kreasi finally held a food seminar again. This food seminar was held on Wednesday, March 8th, 2023, entitled “Functional and Healthy Benefits in Baking and Snacks Products”. Consisting of 4 speakers who are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of food and beverages, provided enthusiasm for the participants from various food and beverage companies in Indonesia.

On this occasion, the president director of PT Gala Natura Kreasi, Mr. Han Jeffry Andrean, also participated as one of the speakers and introduced their products: enzyme-modified dairy. In addition, there were also various other speakers, including DR Rita Hutabarat (food consultant), Haidhar Abdul Halim (Technical Sales Representative, JRS), and Kyle Cheok (R&D Technical Officer).

On this occasion, DR Rita Hutabarat explained more about Enzyme Modified Cheese, as well as Gala Natura Kreasi introducing their products: CEZMO, BUERMO, and DFB to the participants. They were very enthusiastic about hearing and learning about Gala Natura Kreasi products, especially CEZMO. They want to try to apply it to food and beverages in their products.

This activity also helps companies know the various needs and benefits of products in baking and snacks. The presence of this seminar is also a new step for PT Gala Laksana Kreasi in facing the new era after the pandemic.

After going through various processes and waiting, finally, CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder has been officially sold in retail. PT Gala Natura Kreasi has listened to many wishes to have CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder in a smaller size and can be sold in various cake ingredients shops (TBK), therefore this CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder is here with this 500 gram packaging.

CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder can reduce or even replace cheese in various food and beverage products. This product is easy to use and has a premium taste, so it will become one of the most popular products in society. This product is very suitable to be applied to cakes, cookies, bakery products, beverages, snacks, dipping sauces, and many more. Many people say that the taste of CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder is even tastier than fresh parmesan cheese. It will be very suitable for use in food and beverage products for the upcoming Eid Al-fitr.

You can try this CEZMO S03 Powder on your food and drink. Now it can be found on PT Gala Laksana Kreasi e-commerce.

PT Megasetia Amora Karsa has officially become a part of Abhati Company and is one of the business units in the Abhati Group. Previously, this company formerly medtech division of Megasetia Agung Kimia which was engaged in the health and well-being industry in Indonesia. Now PT Megasetia Amora Karsa is more focused on engaging in selling medical technology, hoping to become the no. 1 partner in the healthcare and medical industry.

PT Megasetia Amora Karsa strives to assist hospital and laboratory operations in leading the market through product development, technology and supply chain. With speed, advanced and up to date technology, as well as our team of experienced experts, PT Megasetia Amora Karsa is able to become one of the best in the class of medical technology in delivering health and well-being solutions for all Indonesian people.

Currently PT Megasetia Amora Karsa is trying to build its business to become a more stable business, starting from forming a team to creating the best infrastructure and team to provide the best service and products to customers. PT Megasetia  Amora Karsa hope to continue to develop and participate in contributing, especially in the health sector. They want to empower business to deliver beyond through their business.

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