This is How Abhatians Celebrated Independence Day

Independence Day which fell on August 17 became a momentum to commemorate the heroes who died in seizing independence in the past. To celebrate Indonesian Independence Day, usually Indonesian people will celebrate it by holding a competition. The competitions or games on Indonesian Independence Day can be held for children in the school, adults, or even in the office environment.

On August 17th, 2022, Abhati Group participated in celebrating and enlivening independence day. We held a competitions called EMPATI (Ekspresi Merdeka Pose Bersama Abhati).

What is EMPATI?

EMPATI (Ekspresi Merdeka Pose Bersama Abhati) is a competition that the Abhatians were asked to remake a photo of heroes in a historical moment. Each business unit can provide more than one team to compete.

This competition was participated by various business units from Abhati Company and also Abhati Land. The total number of participants consisted of 14 participating teams. Winners are selected based on the highest number of votes. The voting was carried out through @abhatigroup's Instagram Stories for 2 days, 15th-16th August 2022.

The participation and enthusiasm of the Abhatians show the involvement & enthusiasm of a workplace culture that can increase employee engagement in the Abhati Group. In addition, Abhatians can also improve and express their creativity so that Abhatians can develop even more. They are also very enthusiastic to win this competition by inviting friends, relatives, family, etc. to participate in voting.

The winners of this competition consist of 3 teams:
1. Juara 1: SCM (Semakin Cinta Merah Putih) - Megasetia Agung Kimia
2. Juara 2: Harper - Harper Hotel Purwakarta
3. Juara 3: GLK Sunter - Gala Laksana Kreasi

A great nation is a nation that respects the services of its heroes. Never late to say Happy Independence Indonesia!

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