CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder Retail Will Be On Board at GLK Soon

Good news for customers who have wanted CEZMO in a smaller size for a long time. CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder has officially received a "trademark" on January 23, so it is ready to be sold in retail soon. We are preparing all the preparations for selling this product to our customers. It will soon be sold in retail and can be found at the nearest Baking Ingredients Store (Toko Bahan Kue) soon. Customers will soon be able to buy this product in a smaller package.

Approaching Eid Mubarak, CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder can be an ingredient of choice in making food or snacks to produce a more delicious cheese taste. The use of CEZMO can reduce the use of cheese and even replace cheese in food. The resulting taste is also more savory and many customers have enjoyed this CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder in their food.

List CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder on your bucket list. It's a great choice for your Eid Mubarak baking ingredients.

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