CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder Retail is Now on Market

After going through various processes and waiting, finally, CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder has been officially sold in retail. PT Gala Natura Kreasi has listened to many wishes to have CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder in a smaller size and can be sold in various cake ingredients shops (TBK), therefore this CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder is here with this 500 gram packaging.

CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder can reduce or even replace cheese in various food and beverage products. This product is easy to use and has a premium taste, so it will become one of the most popular products in society. This product is very suitable to be applied to cakes, cookies, bakery products, beverages, snacks, dipping sauces, and many more. Many people say that the taste of CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder is even tastier than fresh parmesan cheese. It will be very suitable for use in food and beverage products for the upcoming Eid Al-fitr.

You can try this CEZMO S03 Powder on your food and drink. Now it can be found on PT Gala Laksana Kreasi e-commerce.

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