CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder is Ready to be Sold for Retail

CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder as Enzyme Modified Cheese is one of the best-selling products at Gala Natura Kreasi has got a "trademark" on January 23, 2023 yesterday. This means that CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder can be purchased in smaller packages and can be consumed not only in industrial circles but can be used by all people. This product is versatile, easy to use, and can be used in a variety of food and beverage products, either in batter or sprinkled on top.

CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder can replace or reduce the use of cheese in food or drinks, so it can save costs. In addition, the taste also produces a more savory and delicious taste in the mouth. This product can be one of the future cheese ingredients.

Apart from CEZMO S03 Cheese Powder, several other products are still in the process of obtaining "trademarks" and are expected to be sold in retail this year. With sales at this retail, Gala Natura Kreasi wants to expand its business even further.

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