Tips and Tricks To Overcome a Slow Laptop

How to overcome slow laptop in Windows 10:

1. Uninstalling Unneeded Apps

Uninstalling applications that you don't need turns out to be quite effective in making your laptop speed up again, guys. Uninstalling in addition to making your laptop not slow, can also  increase the memory space you have. Here's how to uninstall the application:

  • Hover over the search/ search bar at the bottom or click the windows button on your keyboard.
  • Type "remove" and the search will display the words "add or remove programs", then click "add or remove programs"
  • After you click the article,  then all the list of applications on your laptop  will be displayed
  • Then you  can select an app  or search for any  app you want to  delete
  • After you  get the  application you want to uninstall, left-click on the mouse or touchpad   on your laptop, select uninstall
  • After you select  uninstall,  there will be a notification from the  application or system, then you select "yes" and follow the flow to uninstall
  • The application was successfully uninstalled

2. Disable Third-party Program or Application Processes Running Behind The Scenes

This activity is very effective so that your laptop  avoids slowing down. However, this is only  for applications that are important but do not need to be uninstalled.  Here you can also  see the process and performance of your laptop. Here's how to disable the process of third-party programs or applications that run behind the scenes:

  • On your  keyboard, press the  CTRL, ALT, and DELETE keys at the same time
  • If  you have done this and issued the  User Allow Control  pop-up, select the YES button
  • If you have done the  steps above,  the display will  be dark and will tone the options "lock, switch user, sign out, task manager and  cancel button" and select task manager
  • If  you have done this and issued the User Allow Control pop-up  again, select the YES button
  • You will go to the task manager page.  In this  page you can see what  applications are running in the  background, the performance of your laptop  and others
  •  You point to apps, then it  will appear what  applications you are currently open and running as  well as background processes
  •  Then you select  one of  the  applications you want to stop, after you select it, right-click  and  select "end task"  , then the application will stop  

3. Clearing Cache and Temporary Files  on Windows

Cached and temporary files  are  temporary application  files. This cache file works so that we don't have to re-download  it from the internet, while temp  or  temporary  files serve to speed up opening a file or an application.  Here's how to clear cache and temporary files in windows:

  • Press the windows key on your laptop keyboard
  • Then type "disk cleanup"
  • If the search results show the best match, you press enter or click on  the  search result  displayed  at the top
  • After  you  have entered or clicked, there will  be  a pop-up of which drive  you will  clean. If you have selected one of these drives, please press enter
  • Disk clean up will display what   cache is on your laptop.
  • Please   check what files  you want to delete
  • Once  you've checked,  press the OK button, and it will display a pop-up   of your decision to delete the files   you've  previously checked
  • After that, press the "delete   files"  button if you are sure, if you  are not sure or there is   still something   you want to  delete, please press cancel and select again any   files   that  will you delete
  • If you  press the "delete files" button then the  clean up disk will delete the  cache and temporary files that match the files you checked before

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