The effects of last year's incident have continued into this year. Supply chain issues are one of the global consequences affected by the war and economic problems. Food shortages also continue from year to year and with the current global condition, who knows butter will be on the next list. It's time to look for alternate solutions. One of our business units, PT Gala Natura Kreasi (GNK), developed Enzyme Modified Butter, named BUERMO as a one of the alternate solution and as one of the future dairy ingredients to help the food and beverage industry. #thefuturedairyingredients

Starting in 2023, start with a small action that unites concern for the environment and good intentions for the common good at the forefront. As a step in sustainability, Abhati Group started using paper that can still be used for reuse. With this action we can reduce paper use and save the environment #AbhatiGreenOffice

One Million Tree Day Movement is commemorated every January 10th as an effort to save forests and preserve the environment. The purpose of commemorating this day is to create a healthy, cool and beautiful environment. This warning is important as an effort to encourage the preservation of trees that are useful for human life. The action that can be taken is to plant trees in various places. In addition, by planting trees we can prevent flooding, provide food or shelter for animals, and prevent global warming. The steps for planting trees should also be balanced with maintenance so that the trees that have been planted can grow well.

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