Create scalable sales engine to transform its productivity

Those who get the sales strategy right can achieve transformational outcomes—yet a good strategy is not just “a strategy or more specifically tech”. User adoption, change management, and data should underpin every decision to add another tool. There are imperatives common to companies that have genuinely transformed sales productivity:

  1. Invest in the data: While many companies spend a lot of time launching new tools and looking for business insights, few make the necessary investments in the data foundations that let these tools perform best—leading to poorer outputs and a frustrated frontline
  2. Start with the outcome: There seems to be an automated tool for every step of the sales value chain. But rather than be distracted by the latest technology, successful sales organizations start with the specific outcome they want before exploring what tools are available
  3. Quality over quantity: The fragmentation of solutions is a challenge—single- source providers that can expand through the stack can help avoid proliferation. Representative are familiar with jumping from one tool to another, but this is inefficient and halts adoption
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