Being one of Abhati Subsidiary companies that focused on Beauty Industry, Alfa Beauty Cosmetica has many activities inside their company during pandemic. As we all know surviving a business especially in the beauty world during pandemic is not an easy thing to do. One of their recent activity is handling a webinar with speaker from Croatia, Marijana Svetec a representatives of Alfaparf Italy. Discussing about How to Make Cool Shades More Long lasting, this Webinar attended by technical teams from Alfa Beauty Cosmetica itself and few hairstylist in the country. The purpose of the webinar is to broaden knowledge for the hairstylist about how to measure the right amount of the color wear. Alfa Beauty Cosmetica also offers door prizes for the most active attendees. 

This webinar is one of the step of Alfa Beauty Cosmetica to create Beauty Experts as it is one of their goal in beauty industry.